TitleI decided to come to Calgary when my brother, who is a Canadian citizen, recommended it 2016-07-22 16:36:26
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I decided to come to Calgary when my brother, who is a Canadian citizen, recommended it for me. As my brother received his citizenship very long ago, he had no information regarding the application process for a PR. We only found out that a work permit is necessary in order to work and apply for a PR. After my interview, I was able to meet a Korean employer, who offered a job and support for LMIA for PR. My employer had maintained a long-term relationship with SK, and we came here for my application.


During our consultation, I told them that I had DUI and was told that I should not apply for Work permit online, but that I should apply at the border or airport. Thankfully, my LMIA was approved in 3 weeks and I went to the airport for my work permit. Rheanne prepared me for the entire interview process, including things that I should not say or do, as well as all the documents required for submission.


There were many people lined up to receive their work permit, and the very serious atmosphere was intimidating. When it was my turn, I gave them my documents. The officer looked over my file carefully, and told me that there was nothing to ask me as the documents were well-completed. He gave me my work permit right away. I was very nervous, as I have heard that many people have been refused at the airport, but SK made it easy with their foolproof preparation.  I have submitted my criminal rehabilitation, and planning my PR application.


Thank you to everyone who organized and planned all my applications including Rheanne and all her staff who worked very hard for me.


-Mr. Park, Lethbridge-